Noise/Visitors/ No Party, Noise Policy

All visitors must sign in at reception – no exceptions. 

Please be considerate of other hotel guests, keep noise levels to a minimum and do not have visitors, gatherings or parties in your room after 9.00pm. Thank you.

We have a no noise or party policy (costs apply). 

There is also a 'Quiet Time' 9pm to 7am. 

Please make sure you click and read our terms and conditions relating to your stay and this policy as its strictly adhered to and we have call out costs of $85 that automatically apply.

No Noise/Party Policy

The comfort and well-being of our guests is our

#1 priority at THE AVENUE HOTEL


$85 Call out fee is automatically charged for staff or security costs

We do have a strict, no exceptions no Noise/Party Policy

1.No parties are allowed in the guest rooms at any time.  Management reserves the right to evict without warning

2.All hotel guests, guests – need to be gone from the property by 10pm.  The Bar and restaurant areas are where groups can spend time together when open. NO BYO food or drinks in these designated areas.

3.Please make sure all names of your room guests associated with the booking are listed and your vehicle details are completed on the hotel booking registration form. This has been sent out online,  Anyone not listed on this form will be asked to leave the property after 10pm.

4.For the comfort and convenience of all guests, this hotel has “Quiet Time” between the hours of 9pm and 7am.  We ask our guests to be respectful of your neighbours in your room and do not congregate in the halls or public areas, especially outside after hours entry/exit doors, where the noise will disturb others, including staff around the premises.

5.All noise complaints between 10pm to 7am will incur an automatic $85 management fee when management or security are called out to address such a complaint with a guest(s). Costs are incurred by the Hotel when managing these events.

6.While we attempt to give at least one warning before eviction and/or calling the police, this policy may be enforced without warning, in order to protect other guests, or ourselves in the hotel.

7.All money, deposits will be forfeited upon any eviction.

8.Pool parties are not permitted at any time, The pool is also for guests only and not their own invited guests.  We respect that all guests should be able to make use of this facility without excess numbers of associates also congregating and using this facility.  The pool area is continually monitored by management.  Opening and closing times will differ depending on seasons and staff availability.

As a registered guest, I assume complete responsibility for any and all damages to the suite or costs, actions incurred due to the failure of myself and/or my booking guests to abide by this policy.